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Surprising AND Unexpected Paradoxes Of Physics Enable SCientific Understanding

SANDU International Conference on Quantum Physics

22-26 May 2017, Crişan, Romania

Organized by:

Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH), Bucharest-Magurele, Romania

Invited Speakers

Travel to Bucharest from abroad

International Airport "Henri Coanda" Bucharest-Otopeni

Accomodation in Bucharest

Hotel Capitol 3*, situated in the center of city and 5 minutes walking distance from Old Center.

single room: 57 euro / night, breakfast and taxes included

double room: 69 euro / night, breakfast and taxes included

The monetary unit is Romanian Leu.
Exchange rate: 1 EUR approx. 4.5 Lei (changes daily)

Short travel guide from the airport to Hotel Capitol
Once you arrived to Bucharest by plane, the simplest way to get to any destination is to use public transportation. In order to do this yo u need to buy a rechargeable trip card and charge it from almost any transport station.

• Bus rechargeable card costs 3.7 Lei.
• You can charge trip card from every transport station (kiosk).
• Bus urban trip costs 1.3 Lei.
• Bus Express trip costs 3.5 Lei - airport to Bucharest route.
• You must validate your trip card every time you use public transportation.
• Look for the ticket box near the airport exit and ask for a non-nominal rechargeable card (3.7 Lei) plus bus or express tickets.
• The trip from the airport to Bucharest city center costs 3.5 Lei. This trip is shown on the map below. From airport you can use bus number 783 (express) to get to Bucharest ( "Piata Universitatii" - "University Square" bus stop - 5 minutes walking distance to the Hotel Capitol).

Bus - express lines

Taxi can be ordered on-line at the Airport.

Public transport in Bucharest

Buses, trams and trolley-buses company


Train travel in Romania


Tourist Guide

Bucharest (1)
Bucharest (2)
Bucharest (3)
Bucharest (4)

Weather forecast - Bucharest

Transfer Bucharest-Tulcea-Crişan and return

Bucharest-Tulcea by coach - 4-5 hours including one stop on the way (the distance of approx. 280 km).

There exists only one direct train Bucharest-Tulcea - early in the morning (trip - 5 hours and 20 min).

Tulcea-Crişan by speed boat (1 hour) - 30 euro/person - transfer on Danube by boat (two ways).

Visa Information

Participants from USA, Canada, most European and many non-European countries do not need Romanian visas. Please contact the Romanian Embassy or Consulate in your own country to verify whether you need or not a visa. For visa information you can access the web page of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( . If you do need a visa, a personal invitation letter may be necessary. The Organizing Committee will provide it upon request.

Health care information

The organizers cannot accept any responsibility in case of medical emergencies. Participants are strongly encouraged to make their own arrangements for an adequate health insurance.


Aurelian Isar:
isar [at]