Nuclear Physics


• Study, analyse and predict fundamental properties of atomic nuclei at the limits of stability and investigate structure peculiarities of superheavy and exotic nuclei;

• Study dynamics of decay processes at low and intermediate energies accompanied by production of stable as well as radioactive nuclides; develop rigorous and effective mathematical methods of calculations of their basic properties;

• Explore the nuclear matter properties and its phase transitions at extreme values of excitation energy, spin, Z/N ratio and nuclear density;

• Synthesis and decay of super-heavy elements, study of nuclear structure by particle emission processes, clusters and fission, exotic nuclei far from the line of stability;

• Anharmonic and multiphononic states in atomic nuclei, heavy ion nuclear potential;

• Microscopic and phenomenological models of nuclear structure, phase transitions in finite systems, contractions of Lie groups and symmetries corresponding to the critical point of phase transition, double beta decay, statistical aspects of nuclear multifragmentation, special aspects of classical and quantum chaos in nuclear systems;

• Nuclear and subnuclear matter (phase transitions, physics of neutron stars);

• Dynamics of nuclear reactions at low, intermediate and relativistic energies (fusion, nuclear multifragmentation, stellar synthesis, transition to quark-gluon plasma);

• Phenomenological models for alpha decay, heavy cluster emission, nuclear fission, collective bands in heavy nuclei;
• Microscopic models (density functional theory, no-core shell model, effective field theory and chiral models for nuclear interactions) for nuclear fission, collective excitations;
• Nuclear astrophysics – processes of nucleosynthesis, study of compact stellar objects (neutron stars, infinite, dense and superdense nuclear matter/neutron stars in nucleonic and quark phases);
• Equation of state of nuclear matter and transport models (quantum molecular dynamics) for intermediate/relativistic heavy-ion physics; deconfinement phase transition investigation by describing theoretically the dilepton and charmed particles emission spectra.

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