Dr. Irinel Caprini
Senior Researcher I (retired)
Institute of Atomic Physics, 1974 (supervisor Serban Titeica)
+40-(0)21-4046255 (ext. 3418)
high energy theory, particle physics, quantum field theory
quantum chromodynamics, hadron physics, flavour physics, beyond standard model


Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics:  hyperasymptotics, transseries and the origin of quark-hadron duality violation; quark-hadron duality violation from models of hadron resonances;  testing duality violation with functional analysis; improved perturbative series;  conformal mappings of the Borel plane; determination of the strong coupling  from hadronic decays of the tau lepton

Precision predictions in hadron physics: charge radius of the pion,  constraints on the parameters of effective theories, mass and width of the lowest resonance in QCD

Precision tests of the standard model: low-energy hadronic contribution to muon magnetic anomaly, onset of perturbative QCD for exclusive observables

Flavour physics: model-independent constraints on quark masses; model-independent parametrizations of semileptonic form factors; determination of the CKM matrix elements

Physics beyond standard model and LHC physics


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