Dimensionality effects and fluctuations in mesoscopic systems

Dragos Anghel (DFT)
DFT Seminar Room
2019-02-28 12:00:00


The dimensionality of a system of quasiparticles may have strong effects on its macroscopic physical properties. In mesoscopic systems (for example, nano-systems), the dimensionality may be tuned by the external dimensions, temperature, applied fields, etc. Changing the external conditions of the system, may induce changes--crossovers--in the dimensionality of the quasiparticle distributions.

In the seminar, I shall present some of the characteristic effects of dimensionality and dimensionality crossovers in mesoscopic systems, like the effect on the heat capacity, heat conductivity, and on the heat exchange between electrons and phonons. I shall also discuss the fluctuations that appear in mesoscopic systems and how they influence the measuring processes in ultra-sensitive nano-devices.

Related publications
[1] D. V. Anghel, C. Caraiani, and Yu. M. Galperin, Crossover in the electron-phonon heat exchange in layered nanostructures, arXiv:1810.02360 (submitted to Physica Scripta).
[2] D. V. Anghel and L. S. Kuzmin, Cold electron bolometer, as a 1 cm wavelength photon counter, arXiv:1811.05326 (submitted to Phys. Rev. Applied).

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