Dynamics of a quantum oscillator coupled with a three-level Λ-type emitter

Alexandra Mirzac (Institute of Applied Physics, Chisinau, Moldova)
DFT Seminar Room
2019-10-03 12:00:00


We investigate the quantum dynamics of a quantum oscillator coupled with the most upper state of a three-level Λ-type system. The two transitions of the three-level emitter, possessing orthogonal dipole moments, are coherently pumped with a single or two electromagnetic field sources, respectively. We have found ranges for flexible lasing or cooling phenomena referring to the quantum oscillator’s degrees of freedom. This is due to asymmetrical decay rates and quantum interference effects leading to population transfer among the relevant dressed states of the emitter’s subsystem with which the quantum oscillator is coupled. As an appropriate system can be considered a nanomechanical resonator coupled with the most excited state of the three-level emitter fixed on it. Alternatively, if the upper state of the Λ-type system possesses a permanent dipole then it can couple with a cavity electromagnetic field mode which can be in the terahertz domain, for instance. In the latter case, we demonstrate an effective electromagnetic field source of terahertz photons.

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