Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development
and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Exploratory Research Projects PN-II-PCE-2011-3-0092
Contract No. 52/2011
Director: Dr. Doru S. Delion

One of the most active fields of the modern nuclear physics is the investigation of exotic nuclear systems, like proton/neutron rich nuclei by using radioactive beams and fission, or superheavy elements through fusion and α-decay processes. Most of these nuclei are weakly bound systems of few nucleons, coupled to a relatively more stable core. Two-body strong interaction in a nuclear medium get transformed into a few body correlation of strongly interacting nucleons like pairing (N=2) or quarteting (N=4), playing an important role in nuclear stability. Another exotic nuclear system is stellar matter, constituting the major baryonic component of massive objects in the universe, as exploding supernovae cores and neutron stars where massive clusters (pasta-phase) play an important role.

These aspects are analyzed by our project within three main work-packages:

                                        WP1. Clusterisation: from finite nuclei to stellar matter

                                        WP2. Pair correlations of fissioning scission configurations

                                        WP3. Probing nuclear correlations by ternary emission processes

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