Dr. Doru Delion
Senior Researcher I
Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest, 1989
+40-(0)21-4046256 (ext. 3419)
nuclear theory/physics
collective states, multiphonon states, proton emission, alpha and heavy cluster decays, cold fission, beta and double beta decay, self-consistent random phase approximation, four-body correlations


-Explanation of the Anomalous Large Angle Scattering (ALAS) by using a nonlinear Schrodinger equation (master thesis).
-Description of collective magnetic states in odd-mass nuclei by using the Coherent State Model (PhD thesis).
-Description of the anisotropy in alpha decay of deformed nuclei by using the Froman penetration approach.
-Microscopic description of the absolute alpha and cluster decay widths by using a new single particle basis.
-Microscopic description al the alpha decay fine structure (supervisor of Sami Peltonen PhD thesis, Jyvaskyla university, 2009)
-Coupled channels description of the alpha decay fine structure within the Coherent State Model (supervisor of Alexandru Dumitrescu PhD thesis, 2016).
-Microscopic Anharmonic Vibrator Model (MAVA) for two-phonon states: energy levels, electromagnetic and beta transitions (supervisor of Jenni Kotila PhD thesis, Jyvaskyla university, 2008).
-Systematics of proton emission used by experimentalists to predict spin and half-lives of new emitters
-Universal decay rule for reduced decay widths valid for proton emission, alpha and cluster decays.
-Goldstone mode for three-level Lipkin model within Selfconsistent RPA.
-Microscopic versus phenomenological description of alpha-like resonances in medium/heavy nuclei.
-Systematics of the pairing and alpha coherence length in nuclei (supervisor of Virgil V. Baran PhD tesis, 2018).
-Systematics of gamma and beta transitions in deformed nuclei within a consistent Quasiparticle Random Phase Approximation.


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