13-16 September 2002, Magurele, Bucharest, ROMANIA


Theoretical Physics Department,

National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering-"Horia Hulubei"

  The Faculty of Physics,

University of Bucharest

  1. Quantum Field Theory, Elementary Particles Gravitation
  1. Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Theory, Astrophysics
  1. Condensed Matter Theory, Statistical Physics
  1. Computational and Mathematical Physics, Non-linear Phenomena
  1. Interdisciplinary Fields

Organizing Committee   Scientific Committee
H. Scutaru (chairman; IFIN-HH)
M. Visinescu (vice-chairman; IFIN-HH)
F. D. Buzatu (scientific secretary; IFIN-HH)
A.Aldea (IFTM)
S.Antohe (University of Bucharest)
P.Dita (IFIN-HH)
E.Dragulescu (IFIN-HH)
D.Grecu (IFIN-HH)
S.Stoica (IFIN-HH)
G.Stratan (IFIN-HH)


G.Adam (IFIN-HH)
L.Banyai (Goethe University, Frankfurt)
R.Balescu (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles)
I.Caprini (IFIN-HH)
G.Ciobanu (Bucharest Univ.)
S.Ciulli (Montpellier Univ.)
F.Constantinescu (Frankfurt Univ.)
R.Constantinescu (Craiova Univ.)
A.Costescu (Bucharest Univ.);
I.Cotaescu (Timisoara West Univ.)
M.Crisan (Babes-Bolyai Univ.)
D.Delion (IFIN-HH)
S.Dumitru (Transilvania Univ., Brasov)
V.Florescu (Bucharest Univ.)
M.Gavrila (FOM Institute, Amsterdam)
O.Gherman (Craiova Univ.)
A.Glodeanu (IFTM)
I.Gottlieb (A.I.Cuza Univ., Iasi)
T.Marian (Bucharest Univ.)
D.Mihalache (IFIN-HH)
G.Nenciu (Bucharest Univ.)
A.A.Raduta (IFIN-HH)
A.Sandulescu (IFIN-HH)
F.Stancu (Liege Univ.)
G.Zet (Technical Univ., Iasi)

The conference is opened to all those concerned on nowadays problems of theoretical physics (researchers, professors, students). The conference will consist of plenary sessions, oral communications and posters. The Proceedings of the conference will be published in "Romanian Journal of Physics".

The social program includes : a round table, a musical evening, a banquet.

The participants' accommodation will be mainly at the hotel of the campus (the accommodation price will be around 170,000 lei per night for one person in 3 beds apartments) and at the student hostels. A regularly menu of 3 meals per day at the hotel restaurant will cost about 300.000 lei per day. Some fellowships, especially for young people, will be offered within available funds. Those who are interested are asked to announce their attendance intention until 15 July 2002 at the address :

Department of Theoretical Physics
National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering - "Horia Hulubei"
Magurele, P.O.Box M.G. - 6
Bucharest, Romania
Fax : 40-21-457.44.40
E-mail : secretar@ifin.nipne.ro


The participants interested in a paper presentation are asked to prepare a summary of the paper (at most one page)and send it (by e-mail or by post, specifying the section and the type of presentation: plenary session,oral communication or poster) to the secretariat until 1 August 2002.

The contributors with oral communications are asked to prepare a manuscript (see instructions) by November 1, 2002. The received works will be published in a special number of Romanian Journal of Physics and will be available also on-line.

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