Instructions for submitting the manuscripts

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  • Use plain LaTeX2e with a4 paper:
    • \documentclass[a4paper]{article}


  • Use graphicx package for inclusion of pictures:
    • \usepackage{graphicx}
    in the preamble and
    • \includegraphics....
    to include graphics files.


  • For graphics files use encapsulated postscript (.eps) files if you use latex compiler or JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg) files if you use pdflatex compiler. Do not use bmp or pcx files !


  • Do not hardcode references, i.e. do not write something like:
    • .... equation 1 ....
    Use \ref instead:
    • .... equation \ref{e1} ....
    and \label{} to define the corresponding label:
    • .... \label{e1} ....
    For references use "thebibliography" environment:
    • \begin{thebibliography}...
    • \bibitem ....
    and \cite for citations.


  • Do not define or redefine macros, i.e. do not use \def, \newcommand, \newenvironment, \renewcommand, \newcounter, etc.


  • Do not change the page layout or dimensions (\textwidth, \textheight,etc.).


  • Send the latex file and the graphics files by e-mail as separate attachements.

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