Dr. Doru Sabin Delion


Studies: University of Sankt Petersburg-Russia, Department of Physics, Theoretical physics (1976)

Scientific Title: Ph.D. in Physics (1989), Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest (List of Ph.D theses)

Thesis: “Description of M1 and M3 magnetic states in even-even nuclei and of M1 states in odd nuclei”,

                supervisor: Prof. A. A. Raduta

Foreign Languages: English (very good), Russian (very good), French (good)


- Senior research scientist (since 1999) Department of Theoretical Physics, “Horia Hulubei” National Institute of Physics

and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH), Bucharest-Magurele, Romania

- Associated Professor, Physics Department, University of Bucharest (since 2001)

- Associated Professor, Bioterra University, Bucharest (since 2011)

- Scientific secretary (2007-2016), Vicepresident  (since 2016) of the Academy of Romanian Scientists

              - Member of the NUSTAR Council, FAIR, Darmstadt (since 2008)

- Vicepresident of the IFIN-HH Scientific council (2012-2016)

- Director of CERES and IDEI research projects

- Director of the International Summer School, "Dynamics of Open Nuclear Systems", Predeal 2012

Scientific Awards:

              - "Gheorghe Murgoci" Prize of the Romanian Academy - 1983

              -  Outstanding Referee for the journals of the American Physical Society - 2015

              -  Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing Nuclear Physcs A and Physics Letters B - 2017      

Main areas of scientific activity:

- Theoretical physics:

  nuclear structure -  magnetic states, giant resonances, multi-phonon states

  emission processes - proton, alpha and cluster decays, beta and double beta decay, cold fission

  many-body methods - selfconsistent RPA, four-body correlations

- I nformatic systems and numerical methods

- Geodynamics:

  Earth tides, nonlinear waves

International cooperations:

- Physics Department of the Catania University, Italy; Prof. A. Insolia (alpha and cluster decay),

  Prof. M. Baldo and Prof. U. Lombardo (pairing interaction)

- Physics Department of the Napoli University, Italy; Prof. N. Lo Iudice (magnetic collective states)

- Physics Department of the Tubingen University, Germany; Prof. A. Faessler (double beta decay)

- Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden; Prof. R.J. Liotta and Prof. R. Wyss (alpha and cluster decay)

- Institut des Sciences Nucleaires Grenoble, France; Prof. P. Schuck (many-body methods)

- Institut de Physique Nucleaire Orsay, France; Prof. P. Schuck (many body methods)

- Physics Department of the Jyvaskyla University, Finland; Prof. J. Suhonen (alpha and beta decay)

- Physics Department of the Buenos Aires University, Argentina; Prof. G.G. Dussel (alpha clustering)

               - Physics Department of the Frankfurt University, Germany; Prof. W. Greiner (cold fission)

               - KAVLI Institute of Theoretical Physics, Beijing, China; Prof. F.R. Xu and Prof. Z.Z. Ren (alpha decay)


List of publications is given on the  IFIN-HH web page.

List of citations is given on the Google Scholar web page.

                - Papers published in foreign ISI journals: 108 (mean number of authors: 3);

  Phys.Rev.C (56), Nucl.Phys.A (14), J.Phys.G (11), Phys.Rev.Lett. (5),  Phys. Lett. B (3), etc.

                - Review papers in ISI journals: Phys. Rep. (2);

 - Papers published in ISI journals of the Romanian Academy: 32;

 - Books: Springer-Verlag (1);

 - Proceedings of International Conferences (Editor): World Scientific (2), J. Phys. Conf. Series (2).

 Scientific referee:

Physical Review C, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Physics G, European Physical Journal A, 

Nuclear Physics A, Physics Letters B, International Journal of Modern Physics E

Romanian Journal of Physics

Date: July 1, 2018