Different aspects of the interplay between the quantum and classical mechanics are studied in the group of M&CP.

A program to find a simple geometrical description of coherent states as they are used in Physics has been initiated by Berceanu Stefan.

This program has to answer the following questions:

  1. find a geometrical significance for the transition probabilities on manifold of coherent states;
  2. find a geometrical description for the phase which appears in the transition amplitude;
  3. find all the manifolds for which the angle defined by the scalar product of two normalized coherent states is a distance on the manifold of coherent states;
  4. find a geometrical significance for the diastasis function of Calabi in the context of coherent states;
  5. state precisely the projective space in which is embedded the manifold of coherent states;
  6. state precisely the relationship between the coherent states and geodesics; 
  7. state precisely the geometrical meaning of the polar divisor (the locus of coherent vectors orthogonal to a fixed coherent vector).