IMG_2385_small Şerban Mişicu


My scientific activity was and is presently devoted mainly to the following fields :

  • Nuclear Reactions:  Fusion Reactions at extreme sub-barrier energies over a wide range of projectile/target combinations;  Nuclear Fission Theory with emphasize on binary and ternary fragment yields, population of rotational states in fragments, trajectory calculations, giant molecules, dissipation in low-energy fission; Synthesis of Superheavy Elements : Cold valleys and role of target/projectile orientation, role of quadrupole deformation of the target, capture cross sections in reactions with 48Ca beams. Cluster Decay : Role of target and cluster deformations, cluster valleys of actinides and transfermium nuclei; Theory of nucleus-nucleus potential ; Inelastic Electron Scattering on Nuclei.

  • Interaction of Nuclei with Strong Laser Fields: Alpha and proton decay in ultra-intense laser fields, Laser-assisted elastic nucleus-nucleus scattering, Nuclear orientation by X-ray lasers, Neutron-proton collective modes in strong laser fields; enhancement of the electric field inside the atom by electron cloud oscillations.

  • Nuclear Structure Low-lying Collective States : toroidal quadrupole transitions in rotational nuclei; Electric Giant Resonances : Isoscalar dipole modes;

  • Theories of Nuclear Matter   Alpha Cluster Matter: Saturation properties, condensate fraction; Rational Continuum Mechanics of Nuclear Matter : applications to inhomogenous baryonic matter in neutron stars; Production of baryonic clusters of antimatter in strong meson fields .

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