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Advanced many-body and statistical methods in mesoscopic systems III

September 4 - 8, 2017, Buşteni, Romania

Organized by:

IFIN-HH Academy of Romanian Scientists
Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH) Academy of Romanian Scientists(AOSR)

Previous editions: September 1 - 5, 2014, Brasov, Romania June 27 - July 2, 2011, Constanta, Romania

Invited Speakers


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List of invited talks

Alexandru Aldea, National Institute of Materials Physics, Romania
Chiral/non-chiral edge states in two-dimensional lattices

Dragos V. Anghel, IFIN-HH, Romania
Beyond the phenomenology of the BCS theory

Nikolay Arsenyev, JINR, Russia
Microscopic description of pygmy dipole resonance in neutron rich nuclei

Dimiter L. Balabanski, ELI-NP IFIN-HH, Romania
Nuclear physics experiments at ELI-NP

Virgil Baran, University of Bucharest, Romania
The macroscopic picture of Pygmy dipole resonance

Arijit Bhattacharyay, IISER-Pune, India
Directed transport in equilibrium and modified Boltzmann distribution in systems with conformation dependent damping

Mark Caprio, University of Notre Dame, USA
Symplectic no-core configuration interaction framework for ab initio nuclear structure

Dimitrie Culcer, UNSW, Australia
Quantum kinetic theory of magneto-transport in topological materials

Doru S. Delion, IFIN-HH, Romania
Emission processes in strong electromagnetic fields

Jorge Dukelsky, Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC, Spain
Exactly solvable Richardson-Gaudin models in condensed matter and nuclear physics

Dan Filipescu, ELI-NP IFIN-HH, Romania
Photo-neutron reactions for revisting γ-strength functions databases

Aurelian Isar, IFIN-HH, Romania
Dynamics of quantum correlations in bipartite Gaussian open quantum systems

Roberto Liotta, KTH, Sweden
Physical interpretation of quantitites in the complex energy plane

Hai-Zhou Lu, SUST, China
Anomalous phase shift of quantum oscillations and 3D quantum Hall effect in topological semimetals

Mihail D. Mirea, IFIN-HH, Romania
Odd-even effect and nuclear inertia in fission processes from the microscopic equations of motion

Florin Negoita, ELI-NP IFIN-HH, Romania
Commissioning Experiments for the ELI-NP 10 PW Lasers

Yifei Niu, ELI-NP, IFIN-HH, Romania
Quasiparticle vibration coupling effects on nuclear beta-decay

Chong Qi, KTH, Sweden
Shell model description of heavy nuclei and abnormal collective motions

Adriana Raduta, IFIN-HH, Romania
Cooling of neutron stars with hyperons and the role of hyperonic pairing

Zhongzou Ren, Nanjing University, China
Alpha decay half-lives of heavy and superheavy nuclei

Michelangelo Sambataro INFN, Italy
Quartet Structure of N=Z nuclei

Neculai Sandulescu IFIN-HH, Romania
Pairing, alpha-like quartetting and Yang criterion for identifying long range superfluid-type correlations

Yury M. Shukrinov, JINR, Russia
Modeling of Josephson Nanostructures

Ion Silisteanu IFIN-HH, Romania
Systematics of alpha-decay and spontaneous fission half-lives of superheavy nuclei

Nicolae V. Zamfir, ELI-NP IFIN-HH, Romania
Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics Present Status and Perspectives

Yang Zhao, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Effect of off-diagonal exciton-photon coupling on intramolecular singlet fission


Claudia I. Anghel, IFIN-HH, Romania
Competition between α decay and spontaneous fission at superheavy nuclei around 270Hs

Virgil V. Baran, IFIN-HH, Romania
Alpha resonances in atomic nuclei

Radu Budaca, IFIN-HH, Romania
Energy dependent collective excitations in even-even nuclei

Petrica Buganu, IFIN-HH, Romania
Quasi-exact solution for the Bohr-Mottelson Hamiltonian

Claudiu Caraiani, IFIN-HH, Romania
The effect of the phonon gas dimensionality on the electron-phonon heat exchange in layered nano-systems

Marina Cuzminschi, IFIN-HH, Romania
Impact of the monochromatic radiation on the chaotic behavior of the coupled system of Josephson junctions

Alexandru Dumitrescu, IFIN-HH, Romania
Recent theoretical advances regarding α-spectroscopy

Tatiana Mihaescu, IFIN-HH, Romania
Evolution of quantum steering in Gaussian noisy channels

Daniel Negrea, IFIN-HH, Romania
Proton-neutron pairing and quartetting in odd-odd N=Z nuclei

George A. Nemnes, IFIN-HH, Romania
Dynamic hysteresis effects in perovskite solar cells

Alexandru Parvan, JINR, Russia
Finite size effects in the thermodynamics of a free neutral scalar field

Ilhom Rahmonov, JINR, Russia
Peculiarities of the phase dynamics of a ring system of parallel Josephson junctions

Serban Suciu, IFIN-HH, Romania
Quantum Information Resources

Alexei Zubarev, INFLPR, Romania
The c-axis traveling charge wave in a system of coupled Josephson junctions with large dissipation


Doru-Sabin Delion,
Dragos-Victor Anghel,
Sorin Paraoanu,
Low Temp. Lab., Aalto University, Finland


Alexandru Dumitrescu,
IFIN-HH, Romania

International organizing committee

Alexandru Aldea,
National Institute of Materials Physics, Romania
Boris Altshuler,
Columbia University, USA
Miles Blencowe,
Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA
Sergiu Cojocaru,
IFIN-HH, Romania
Jorge Dukelsky,
Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC, Spain
Yuri Galperin,
Univ. of Oslo, Norway
Aurelian Isar,
IFIN-HH, Romania
P. Schuck,
Institut de Physique Nucleaire Orsay, France
I. Tighineanu,
Academy of Sciences, Republic of Moldova
Nicolae Victor Zamfir,
IFIN-HH, Romania


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