The Carpathian Summer School of Physics 2007, August 20-31, 2007 will be, to the best of our counting, the 22-nd edition of a tradition that begun in the 1960's with the Summer Schools in Predeal or Poiana Brasov, leaped to Mamaia, on the Black Sea coast in 2005, and back to the mountains again.
This year the title of the event, traditionally called a school, but combines the features of a conference/workshop with those of a typical school, is the one from 2005 and is organized by the same joint Romanian-American team:

Exotic Nuclei and Nuclear/Particle Astrophysics (II)

We have the support of our home institutions, of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research and secured an active and efficient International Advisory Committee that helped define the title, the main topics and the format of the school. The goal is to organize a meeting where theorists and experimentalists meet with students, lecture and discuss. We intend to take the event closer to a school than it was in the past editions: a smaller number of lecturers with more time allotted for their lectures and more students attracted. Lectures will be one hour long, less frequently two hours. We aim to have self-consistent overviews on essential ideas, open problems and developments in the proposed topics. Students from the host country, rest of Europe, and the whole world will be sought. They will be able to present short communications (20 min.) in special sessions.

We also intend to respond to the needs of the scientists in the host country and the region for first contacts with other scientists from all over the world or to discuss their current collaborations. In terms of format, we consider one that would favour dialogues and discussions, rather than a series of monologues: a number of conveners would be selected to organize and be responsible for one-day/half-day sessions, with lecturers, discussions and oral presentations by students on a subject. These conveners will be from among the members of IAC, the invited lecturers or the organizers.

School fee

There will be a conference fee of 350 euros for those attending the whole period, and 200 euros for those attending a week only. It will include the cost for lunches, book of proceedings, the cost of social events including local excursions and conference expenses. The fee will be paid on arrival. Local and major currencies will be accepted. Online registration is available on this site.


A number of fellowships will be available for students from developing countries (consisting of full/partial local support). The applicants should provide a short (one page) CV and a letter of recommendation from a senior scientist who supports their application. Priority will be given to those submitting an abstract for oral presentation of 20 min. Applications can be mail or email to either of the directors; the deadline is June 15th, 2007.