Dr. Dragos Anghel
Senior Researcher I
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
+40-(0)21-4046210 (ext. 3428)
condensed matter theory, statistical physics, physics of mesoscopic systems
theoretical study of nano-devices, phases and phase transitions in mesoscopic systems, dimensionality crossovers in mesoscopic systems and related phenomena, complex systems,
fractional exclusion statistics, tsallis statistics


1. Theoretical study of single-photon detectors

The purpose is to develop sensors capable of seeing single-photons of wavelengths up to 1 cm or more, for dark matter and axions detection. We develop theoretical models for the calculation of the processes that take place in the detectors, like quasiparticle-quasiparticle interaction, heat and quasiparticle exchange between sub-systems, fluctuations and noise, etc. Using these tools, we analyze the detector's response, noise equivalent power, and energy resolution.

We investigate mainly two technologies, capable of achieving single-photon detection at such long wavelengths: detectors based on Josephson junctions and detectors based on the "cold electron bolometer" concept.

2. Superconductivity

We search for new phenomenology that may emerge from the application of the theory of superconductivity to mesoscopic systems.

3. Non-extensive statistics and fractional exclusion statistics, with applications to mesoscopic systems of interacting quasiparticles.

4. Theoretical study of solar cells -- excitations, charge transport, and current-voltage output


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