Dr. Cezar Condeescu
Researcher III
Ecole Polytechnique, France, 2010
+40-(0)21-4046221 (ext. 3420)
high energy theory, mathematical physics
string theory, string phenomenology and cosmology, supergravity, conformal field theory, physics beyond SM.


I am interested in applications of string theory (including M/F theory) to particle physics, cosmology and quantum gravity. In this respect models based on D-branes, orbifolds/orientifolds, internal fluxes, non-geometric backgrounds and non-perturbative effects play a central role. Similarly, I am interested in the connection between the conformal field theory describing the string worldsheet and the (target space) effective supergravity theory. Formal aspects of string theory, supergravity and conformal field theory are also of interest.


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