Dr. Cristinel Stoica
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mathematical physics, general relativity, foundations of quantum mechanics, high energy theory
singularities in general relativity, foundations of quantum mechanics, physics beyond the standard model, gauge theory, causal structure of spacetime, clifford algebras and spinors, mathematical physics


General relativity: Singularities in general relativity. Einstein equations. Big-Bang. Black holes. Black hole entropy. Black hole information loss problem. Quantum field theory on curved background. Quantum gravity. Causal structure of spacetime.

Particle physics: The Standard Model. Gauge theory. Yang-Mills equations. Unified Theories. Geometric properties of particles. Dirac equation. Kaluza-Klein theories.

Quantum mechanics: Foundations of quantum mechanics. Ontological aspects of the wavefunction. Entanglement. The measurement problem. Relations between quantum theory and special and general relativity.

Mathematical physics: Applications of the following to physics: Semi-Riemannian geometry. Singular semi-Riemannian geometry. Differential topology. Lie groups and algebras. Representation theory. Clifford algebras. Spin geometry. Fiber bundles. Complex and hermitian geometry. Generalized complex geometry. Category theory. Sheaf theory.


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