Dr. Margarit Rizea
Senior Researcher I (retired)
+40-(0)21-4042300 (ext. 3509)
nuclear theory, computational physics
alpha decay, proton emission, scission neutrons, nuclear fission, time-dependent Schrodinger equation


Research topics:
- Numerical modelling of physical processes
- Software development based on new or improved algorithms

- Alpha decay
- Proton emission
- Neutron emission
- Nuclear fission
- Nuclear structure

Highlighted achievements:
- exponential fitted multistep algorithms optimally adapted to the Schrodinger equation
- highly accurate solution of coupled channel Schrodinger equation in the asymptotic regions
- improved numerical methods for the solution of the time dependent Schrodinger equation
- description of the proton emission from spherical and deformed nuclei
- calculation of the nuclear level density relevant for thorium-based reactors
- study of the alpha-decay in ultra-intense laser fields
- description by a dynamical model of the scission neutrons emitted during nuclear fission at low energies
- calculus of the Fourier transform of single-particle wave functions in cylindrical coordinates


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