Study of the ternary fission by three cluster model (TCM)

Mastaneh Zadehrafi (Mazandaran University, Iran)
DFT Seminar Room
2018-09-06 12:00:00


The phenomenon in which a heavy element breaks up into three fragments without considering the emission of neutrons (neutronless fission), is simply called cold ternary fission. TCM is an extension of the Preformed Cluster Model (PCM) of Gupta et al. for ground-state decays in cluster radioactivity and related phenomena. This model was proposed for studying the cold ternary fission in 2009 by K. Manimaran and M. Balasubramaniam. The purpose of the seminar is to present briefly the foundations of this model, to explain the types of ternary fission, and then to present the studies that have been carried out in this field by our group.

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