Synthesis and decay of superheavy elements

Radu Gherghescu
DFT Seminar Room
2022-03-24 12:00:27


A binary microscopic potential is applied to calculate the total energy and mass inertia. Necking influence is accounted for through potential theory in relation with the geometry of the shape. Change density variation slighty lowers the fusion/fission barrier. Mass tensor and multidimensional minimization of the action integral are used to obtain the WKB penetrabilities. Cross sections for sub-barrier fusion synthesis are in the range of pb.

Seminarul este dedicat prezentării raportului de faza din cadrul proiectului PN 19 06 01 01 / 2019 "Cercetari fundamentale de fizica teoretica prin modele cuantice si metode matematice avansate pentru investigarea structurii si dinamicii sistemelor condensate, nucleare si subnucleare".

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