DFT Seminar






1. Systematics of the α-decay fine structure in even–even nuclei (PN09370107/2009) (Abstract)

2. Sistematica Lungimii de Coerenta de Pairing

3. Calcule exacte ale factorilor de faza pentru dezintegrarile beta+ si beta-

4. Heterojonctiuni semiconductoare in camp laser (Abstract)

1. Alexandru Dumitrescu (DFT)

2. Virgil Baran (DFT)

3. Ovidiu Nitescu (Facultatea de Fizica, UB)

4. prof. Victor Barsan (DFT)

03.12.2015 Trivial Lagrangians in the Causal Approach, raport de faza PN (Abstract) Dan Grigore, DFT

1.Influenta interactiei de imperechere asupra coeficientului de transmisie al sectiunii eficace de fuziune (Proiect PCE_2011-3-0049)  - Abstract

2.Fisiunea spontana a nucleelor supragrele (Proiect PCE_2011-3-0050) - Abstract

1. Radu A. Gherghescu (DFT)

2. Dorin N. Poenaru (DFT)


Symmetries of physical systems using their geometrical properties,

raport de faza ELI-NP (Abstract)

Mihai Visinescu, DFT
 12.11.2015 SEENET-MTP - A Network for the Balkans (Abstract, pdf)

Prof. Goran Djordjevich
(University of Nis)


1. Romanian Participation@Laboratory of Information Technologies and Romanian Youth@JINR

2. Control Decisions in the Bayesian Automatic Adaptive Quadrature


Sanda Adam (DFT si IUCN Dubna) si George Adam (DFT si IUCN Dubna)

04.11.2015 Rolul inertiei magnetice in dinamica disipativa a macrospinului (Abstract)

Mihaela-Cristina Ciornei (Timisoara)

29.10.2015 A uniform asymptotic approximation of the 3D scattering wave function for a non-central Coulomb-like potential (Abstract)

Nicolae Grama (DFT)

22.10.2015 An introduction to string phenomenology and extra dimensions, 2 lectrures. (Abstract)

Prof. I. Antoniadis, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris & Albert Einstein Centre - University of Bern

15.10.2015 From two-dimensional electron gas to localized charge: dynamics of polaron formation in organic semiconductors (Abstract) Claudiu Caraiani, Univ. Bucuresti
01.10.2015 Tsallis statistics approach to hadron transverse momentum distributions in high-energy collisions (Abstract) Alexandru Parvan (DFT, IFIN-HH & BLTP, JINR)
24.09.2015 Causal Structure and Spacetime Singularities (Abstract) Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica (DFT)
17.09.2015 Proton-neutron pairing and quartet condensation in nuclei (Abstract) Nicolae Sandulescu (DFT)


From Horismos to Relativistic Spacetime (Abstract) Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica (DFT)
3.09.2015 Statistical mechanics of a stochastic growth process with multiplicative noise Dan Pirjol
Double-beta decay: to be or not to be (Abstract) Prof. Mihai Horoi (Central Michigan University)
25.06.2015 Tensorial models and renormalization (Abstract) Joseph Ben Geloun (AEI Golm)
11.06.2015 Excitatii colective in nanostructuri si dependenta proprietatilor fizice de temperatura - raport de faza Nucleu (Abstract) Sergiu Cojocaru (DFT)
19.05.2015 ELI-Nuclear Physics: project implementation and scientific program Sidney Gales (ELI-NP/IFIN-HH)
22.04.2015 Parametric resonance in molecular rotation spectra - raport de faza Nucleu - ELI (Abstract) Marian Apostol (DFT)
2.04.2015 Lifetimes of Superheavy Nuclei around Double Magic Nucleus 270108Hs162 - raport de faza Nucleu - FAIR (Abstract)  Ion Silisteanu (DFT)
12.03.2015 New solutions in M-theory compactifications to 3 dimensions - raport de faza Nucleu (Abstract) Andrei Micu (DFT)
19.02.2015 Pion production in heavy-ion collisions and the symmetry energy (Abstract) Dan Cozma (DFT)
 9.02.2015 Fields at space-time singularities (Abstract) Cristi Stoica (DFT)
 5.02.2015 Modified Drukarev Method in Quantum Scattering (Abstract)
Nicolae Grama (DFT)
29.01.2015 Weyl on Space and Geometry (Abstract) Iulian Toader (Facultatea de Filosofie, Universitatea Bucuresti)
14.01.2015 Aspects of inflation in supergravity and string theory  Emilian Dudas (Ecole Polytechnique Paris)
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