Binary and ternary fission barriers

Radu Gherghescu
DFT Seminar Room
2020-02-06 12:00:00


A specialized binary model has been developed accounting for the splitting of a deformed parent nucleus into two ellipsoidaly deformed fragments. The potential is based on two Nilsson type wells, partially overlapped. The corresponding frequencies are directly related to the shape change of the nuclear configuration. Level scheme evolution along different fission paths for pairs of fragments is calculated. The dynamics of the process is completed with the introduction of the cranking model tensor of inertia. A suggestion is made about the formation of fission shape isomers.

The second part of the presentation approaches the ternary fission phenomenon. A three-center shell model is constructed for symmetric splitting into three possible fragments. The ternary fission barrier is completed by the add of the charge liquid drop energy. Sugestions are made about the most probable fissionable parent nuclei into three parts.

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