Non-Supersymmetric Strings and D-Brane Dynamics

Cezar Condeescu
DFT Seminar Room
2023-03-23 12:00:00

The landscape of non-supersymmetric solutions of string theory is less studied and difficult to understand because of the presence of instabilities (usually tachyons). There exists a class o solutions with BSB (Brane Supersymmetry Breaking) which are both non-supersymmetric and free of tachyons. We study their properties, notably the allowed dynamics of branes, and compare with their supersymmetric counterparts. We show that in the BSB case one can have branes that are stuck at orbifold fixed points. In the supersymmetric case we show that the branes can always recombine and move away from orbifold fixed points, a process which in the corresponding effective field theory is described by a Higgs effect. Our results can be of relevance for the Swampland program and for building models with few open string moduli.

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