A systematic description of the wobbling motion in odd-mass nuclei within a semi-classical formalism

Robert Poenaru
DFT Seminar Room
2023-06-22 12:00:00


Wobbling Motion is a unique fingerprint of triaxial nuclei. Nuclear triaxiality has drawn a lot of attention lately in the community, due to its real challenges (both from a theoretical and experimental standpoint). In this work, several models have been developed for odd-mass nuclei in the A~130 and A~160 mass-region. The models are based on a semi-classical formalism, developed from a Variational Principle with the Particle-Rotor Hamiltonian and a specific trial function. Results concerning the energy spectra are shown for all the studied isotopes. Moreover, a geometrical interpretation of this phenomenon is also presented, showing remarkable features of the wobbling motion (e.g., behavior with increasing angular momentum, phase transitions, etc). Comparisons between the theoretical results and the experimental measurements show that the semi-classical approach is a realistic tool in describing triaxial nuclei.

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